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State Reps

Become a State Representative

SFJ is looking for a representative from each state within the USA to join our team. A “SFJ State Rep” is a contact person who is fully informed on what SFJ does and stands for. This individual is available as a resource for someone within their state to call; like a referral. If there is not a representative for your state, please consider if you would like to be involved in this way.

Check out our “SFJ State Reps” and contact Kristen at for more information.

Current State Reps:

GA: Sarah Wheless –

IA: Melissa Reams –

IL: Amy Hurley –

IN: Steve and Sue Klinger –

KS: Danielle Ripley –

KY: Traci Day –

MN: Jessica Broberg –

MO: Holli Mumert –

NC: Brooke Rawls –

NE: Jenn and Jim Wolfsohn-

PA: Jan Moreth –

PA: Don & Michelle Simon-

TN: Chrissy Jensen –

TX: Odetta Jeffries –

VA: Celeste Bondon –

WI: Janet Brown –

**If you’re interested in more information on how to become involved as  a SFJ State Rep, please email Kristen at: