Soles For Jesus

How It Works

Sending Shoes to Africa

Soles For Jesus relies on churches, businesses, individuals, foundations and schools to provide the shoes, volunteer assistance and funds necessary to send ocean freight shipments to Africa.

After receiving shoe donations in our warehouse, volunteers come to sort and pack them. During these volunteer events, the shoes are organized by size and packed  in boxes. When there are enough boxes packed for a shipment (8,000 pairs), they are loaded into an ocean freight container and shipped to their destination port. Our partners on the ground who receive the shoes are people we know personally. They are respected leaders and pastors  in their region, and as they plan each shoe distribution, they are aware of the greatest needs in their community.

After each distribution, we receive exciting photos and reports of lives that  have been changed through the valuable gift of shoes. Check out the video below to see how these  shoes make it from Milwaukee to Africa.

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