Soles For Jesus


How can I get involved with helping Soles For Jesus?

We welcome everyone to get on board! Individuals, families, churches, retailers, corporations and organizations of all kinds are invited to join the SFJ team! Whether you send a donation, host a shoe drive, or volunteer in our warehouse, each role is vital and there is a place for everyone. To get started, contact us at: 414-365-1392 or

Our organization is on board with the SFJ mission; however, we cannot display the name of Jesus on our walls. Do you have special signage for this?

Yes! We have two types of posters. One reads, “Donate Your Shoes” and is acceptable for public places. The other poster reads, “Soles for Jesus”. When you register your event with us, just let us know which poster you prefer. We understand that some places have policies about what can be displayed, and we want to get you the right displays so you can involved! Contact us for more information at

Do you share the Gospel?
How do the shoes get packed for shipping?

Yes we do! Sharing the Gospel and demonstrating the love of God is the heart of our mission. Our key partner, Every Home for Christ, has a National Director, who is a pastor and evangelist, in each country we serve. These dedicated ministers distribute the shoes, share the Gospel, and give Christian literature to everyone who receives a pair of shoes.

Several times a month there are SOS events at the Soles For Jesus warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. SOS stands for “Sort and Organize Shoes.” Each fun filled SOS event is two hours long and scheduled well in advance, so you can pick a date that works best for you or your group. This is an exciting way to have a hands-on role in getting shoes to those in need. SOS events are a great first step to getting involved and provide an inside look at our process at SFJ.

How will the shoes get to Africa?

We ship the shoes by sea freight in twenty foot shipping containers. A typical shipment has about 8,000 pairs of shoes. This is one of the most expensive parts of our program. To cover this cost, we request a contribution of $1 per pair of shoes donated. Every pair of shoes helps to change a life, and we are grateful for help in getting them to Africa.

What types of shoes do you accept?

We accept new and used shoes for men and women of all ages. All sizes and types of shoes are welcome donations.

Who is eligible to receive the shoes?

We are focused on serving the needs of under-served people of sub-Saharan Africa. Shoes are a blessing to the people and a gift that opens doors for sharing the Gospel. Everyone in the selected communities is eligible to receive a pair of shoes.

Can I obtain a tax receipt for my donations?

Yes! We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, so gifts and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We welcome you to contact us to discuss the details at

What do you do with my private information?

We are committed to protecting your personal information. All information submitted to Soles For Jesus, Inc. is used solely for internal purposes and will never be shared.

How can I stay connected with Soles For Jesus?

There are several ways to follow us! We would love for you to receive our monthly newsletters so you’re up to date on volunteer opportunities, shoe shipments, reports from the field, and information about upcoming SOS events. Click here to sign up for the newsletter and receive monthly updates from SFJ through email. You can also follow us on Facebook:, Instagram: or Twitter: