Soles For Jesus

Shoes & School/Work

Right now, 40% of primary age school children in sub-Saharan Africa are not attending school. One reason is linked to a child’s access to shoes. Shoes are normally required as part of the school uniform,  so without shoes, many children are unable to attend their classes. Owning shoes and attending school is only a dream for many children.

Additionally, shoes are needed for work. As parents fall progressively sick from AIDS, 29% of children ages 5 to 14 are economically active in sub-Saharan Africa. Whether a child or adult, the person taking on work responsibilities in a family must be able to walk long distances and perform their duties. Shoes are part of a work uniform and also protect the economic provider’s foot from injury in such an important role.

By providing shoes to children and adults who have none, many are able to move forward in their educational and economic pursuits. Being shoeless should not keep someone from learning and earning income. We are committed to enabling change through giving shoes.